About company

DOPRAVOPROJEKT Ostrava is a designing, engineering and consulting company with specialization and wide experience for construction and reconstruction of motorways and roadways. We also focus on construction of city traffic systems, solving issues in the field of transport engineering and aquiculturing structures. We lay emphasis on complex completion of projects; including additional investments, diversions of subterranean and above-ground engineering networks, transportation facilities and structures for nature conservation. Our specialists also ensure projects of gas installation for municipalities, their supplying of drinking water, drainage network, waste dumps and redevelopment of land. We also arrange communication lines and power current. Our company provides engineering services, investor's technical supervision and designer's supervision over the construction, including all-in contract structures.


Projects of transportation structures

DOPRAVOPROJEKT Ostrava is focused on designing transportation structures within all projection stages. Projects are mostly concerning: foot-paths, cycle-paths, limitation of traffic intensity, projecting crossroads, projects of static transportation and roads of various categories and projects of speedways and highways. Within the field of transport we also focus on designing of bridges and footlogs of various material and construction forms. Our services also include inspections of bridges.

Projects of aquiculturing structures

We focus on municipality sewerage system rehabilitation - including designs of sewerage plants. Furthermore; we design new water pipelines and reconstruct the old ones. In the field of transport structures, our company projects new sewers and by-passes of water pipelines and sewers. In terms of aboveground structures, we design complex control mechanisms of building technical equipment. Our specialists design adjustment and by-passes of water courses, incl. flood plans and subsequent blueprints of anti-flood protection.

Engineering services

Our specialists provide arrangement of urban land permits and construction permits for all types of constructions and particular building objects. In terms of these services, we also ensure property rights settlements, incl. prospective expropriation.

Ecological assessment

We provide consultancy in the field of Environmental protection during construction. We arrange dendrological, pedological and biological researches, noise and emission studies, documentation and permission of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). We also arrange ecological supervision at the construction sites.


Chairman of the board

Ing. Martin Vilč


Board members

Ing. Kamil Škrobánek

Sales Manager

Ing. Martina Papeschová


Ing. Zdeněk Legerský



In total 90 employees, incl. partners - of these occupations:

Specialists on highway structures

Specialists on bridges and structural stabilities

Specialists on engineering networks

Engineering services

Investor's technical supervision, Safety and Health at Work


Informatics, computer systems


Paperwork, planography, ISO


Traffic structures

Bridges and engineering structures

Statics and structures dynamics

Aquiculturing structures

Construction sites and their equipment

Assessment of structure's environmental impact

Aboveground structures

A2 Complex architectural and engineering services and related engineering consulting

I2 Engineer for completing engineering structures

Traffic structures

Bridges and engineering structure